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Danielle's Dance Academy

Season 9

Class Rules and Conduct

-Students are not to disrespect the instructor or their classmates. Any student, who continues to disrupt the class or becomes unruly, will be asked to leave the class. Parents will be notified of the problem and will be required to have a conference with the instructor.

-No talking while the teacher is teaching, demonstrating or choreographing

-No gum, candy, food or drinks allowed in class. Bottled water only.

-All cell phones should be turned off in the studio. Cell phones may be used in the front office area or outside the building.

-No running in the dance room (unless it is part of the dance!)

-Do not wear jewelry to class. Small earrings and wedding rings are the only exceptions.

-Students are not to touch mirrors, hang on ballet bars, or touch the stereo equipment.

-Use the restroom before class begins.

-Students must attend class with proper uniform and shoes.

-Be on time for class.

-Be supportive and show encouragement for other dancers. Always clap for someone who is selected to demonstrate.

-Always give 100%.

-Bring a positive attitude to class!

-Any questions, concerns or problems should be brought to the teacher at an appropriate time.

-At the end of class, always, clap and say thank you and goodbye to your teacher.

-Be kind to everyone! No gossiping allowed!

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

-Students are not to be dropped off before five (5) minutes of their scheduled class (unless approved in advance by the instructor).

-Students between the ages of three (3) to eight (8) will not be allowed out of the studio until a parent picks up the student near the studio entrance.

-Parents are asked to pick up student on TIME, unless an emergency arises. If you will be late, please call.

Dress Code

Ballet/Pointe-Pink footed tights, pink short sleeved leotard, and pink ballet slippers. Pink crepe skirt is optional.

Tap/Jazz- suntan tights, short sleeved leotard, black dance shorts, black tap and jazz shoes.

Lyrical- suntan tights, short sleeved leotard, lyrical shoes/paws, and crepe skirt.

Hip Hop/step- sweat pants, tank top, black dance shorts suntan tights and black jazz shoes.

*Please label all shoes, bag, and clothing with your child’s name on it.

*Attire can be purchased through DDA.